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Niro HEV 3
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Hi all,
I recently purchased a 2017 Niro HEV 3, with less than 10K miles, full history of course bit...still under warranty. It's my first Hybrid and first non-EU made car, very pleased with it so far. I've already booked it into my nearest Kia dealer (Glyn Hopkins, Romford, London) for it's next two services.

I've got the all important service manual but not the owners manual but got a PDF copy off the interweb, I'm also missing the boots underfloor organiser tray which is odd, but not the end of the world, the dealership wants £100+ for a replacement! I'll try eBay first or an online breakers, if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears.

It's a lot of car for not big money, best thing so far- heated steering wheel.
And the wireless charging.
And the mobile connectivity.
And just driving all electric when parking and in traffic...yeah it'll be a while before that gets old.

Thank you for your time and look forward reading and contributing.
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