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Hi all,
Just got the new Kia Sorento PHEV4 2021. First Kia owned and first plugin as well.
Most things are looking good. I seem to get more EV mileage than most online reviewers as I get 30+ miles.
All priority features work as expected and I was not dissapointed.
I was surprised by two things though. Two features seem to be missing in the UK versions.
The Drive video recording system DVRS (integrated dashcam) and the remote parking feature are both missing.
I am wondering if anyone has some information about these, particularly the DVRS which is quite crucial to me as I was not expecting to get an after market dashcam? Do i need some form of additional activation beyond UVO?

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Hi & Welcome.

Not heard of either of these features on UK version.
One of the troubles when watching u-tube. As new cars always tend to be oversea's and as we know different area's have different spec.
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