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Hi folks ~~~~~ Just bought a 2003 Carens 2l diesel, so far I love it. I'm a long time volvo fan but since retiringneeded to cut expense so V70 gone but keeping my trusty 240 Torslanda as a 'collector's car'.

Carens has only done 50K and is very clean. I needed to remove washer pump to clean out gunge and it needed two tyres, also the blower only works on full, presumably the rheostat switch is cream crackered, anyone know how to get at it?

Also wonder if anyone can advise on cam belt; on mileage it should be OK for a bit but on time I reckon it should be done. It doesn't look too bad to get at but can anyone confirm that or otherwise?

Also can anyone say what it's like for towing a caravan? It's a fairly light 12'6" 2 berth job and according to the weights it's OK but anyone with experience of towing with one might advise me of any potential problems?

Many thanks. Cheers, Dodger (Dave)
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