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Hi all, am new to this site, having just got in on the act to buy my Kia Soul
hope anyone out there with the same vehicle will put me right with anything
I need to know about,

having a Soul 2 Crdi 1.6, seems to fit the bill for me after having driven
a Hyundai Santa Fe the last 4 odd years,

my new Soul is Orange and iswas reg June 09, under £9000 must be
a bargain with only 10,000 on the clock, what do you say?

anyway coming back to the UK from Portugal which is biggest rip
off place for motors as far as I am concerned and cannot wait to be
back home, looking forward to picking up my motor and house
hunting in South Wales,

well look forward to hearing from you guys to put me right or what ever
any advice received would be most welcome, tks agen
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