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mirellaz said:
Hello, I have a Kia Sedona 2005 EX V6 and it has the check light ON,
I have had unplugged the battery and it comes OFF for about 2 days, but again it comes ON.

Please I'd like to know what OBDII scanner or code reader is compatible with my van and will give me the information. I'm a rookie in mechanic but i like it.
Hi, Welcome to the Forum - the best place to get a code reader/scanner is Ebay - there are loads available on there - I use a Maxscan GS500 which is ok - but there are loads more available such as
I can't recommend this one but it looks about the usual thing and at a reasonable price - you will only have to use it once and get a result to get your money back as a Kia Workshop will charge more to do a similar check.
As far as your EML is concerned I have a similar problem with my 2005 2.9crdi Sedona with the light randomly coming on - I've scanned it and it shows no faults either pending or stored. I am about to replace the battery on advice of another member - but from reading into it the cause is more likely to be on the emissions side of things ie egr, or any of the many sensors fitted to the engine that could be throwing up a slight glitch and the sorting itself leaving the light on.
One interesting thing I did read was that the EML can come on if the fuel filler cap is not screwed home properly or if the seal ring is damaged/defective and letting air into the system - be nice if it was something simple like that

Hope you get it sorted - and please let us know how you go on.
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