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Hi all, I recently bought a 56 plate Sorento XS.
It has a multi Meter which does not seem to correspond to the user manual.

For example it has an icon of a car and dotted lines to what looks like a petrol pump and numbers. Now i take this as an approximate mileage left prior to filling up. My manual does not explain this. Another is a little icon which looks like a lollipop and numbers that can range from 0 to well into the 40s and at the end it says mph.

I'm aware of the compass so no probs there. There is one which looks like the time but it is not. I cant work it out as like i said the manual seems to describe an earlier version.

any help would be great. Not use to the car yet as only got it on Monday the 12th and i have been in work since then so not had time to have a play with it.

But early thoughts are it a lovely car and its fully loaded. I'm made up.
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