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I have a 2007 Sportage XS 2.7 v6 and I got to say it is a
bit thirsty! I don't have a lead foot, I haven't got any points on my license
and would like to keep it that way. My best so far is 23mpg this is without my caravan
in tow which I know will make a very substantial difference. Performance is
very good but I would like a bit more on the economy side. I have seen loads of
adverts for diesel tuning but none for the 2.7 v6 petrol. Where is the chip
that controls the engine? I am in fact wondering if this has been change for a performance
chip. I would like 27mpg without my van and may be 22 with the caravan is this
expecting to much from a auto?

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As you have a V6 petrol auto, you may want to take a look at a North American centric forum ( where the majority of cars are V6 rather than 'I4'. Just remember that the US gallon is only 3.8 litres (liters!) where as 'ours' is 4.55 when working out fuel comparisons. You may need some patience understanding their language which is a very loose approximation of English (like what she is written).

I agree totally with Thunderbird about the impossibility of achieving the 'official combined' figues. Even the government office that produces them (to a European standard) admits they are only useful for comparing the relative consumption of different makes of vehicle. If you look at the profile they use it doesn't look like the real world to me and the standard temperature they use equals a Scottish heatwave!


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