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I have had my soul since July 2009, yes I have got a parcel shelf after plenty of badgering at the dealership. (Ask for freebies as it has not arrived they don't like that)

As for the fuel consumption, I have been averaging 35mpg.

I don't drive with an egg under the pedel but I dont thrash above 3500 rmp when accelerating.

Maybe it still needs to settle any views?

On the whole it is ok, I would not had bought a new car had it not been for the scrappage scheme (you loose far too much driving a new car off the forecourt these days!!) . I took my time and finally decided on a petrol soul 2 in White. (Will not cover more than 12k in a year and intend to keep it for about 3 years so I could justify the diesel).

It has the space I require along with acceptable performance and you can definately throw it into corners though I have not noticed a great difference between the anti skid on or off yet?

Things that bug me about the car are;

1) When it is raining and you open the door you get rain on the seats becaus of no drip rail or form in the roof geometry.

2) When you open the window in the rain it drips inside the car again because of the lack of drip rail on the door.

3) The plastic used on the interior trip is too soft. If you brush against it with a buckle, zip, key, bag or anything remotely harder then it will mark. COME ON KIA??

4) Still trying to get the hang of thetemperature controls it is either too hot or too cold!

5) How come we can't have the roof rail option in the UK?

Look forward to hearing other owner views.


Is there a roof rail option available for the UK?

Best place for mud flaps & can I fit them myself without affecting the body warranty?
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