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Hello ?, so I've booked my Sportage in for the £25 check with Stoneacre which should include a software and satnav update, but I have a few little nuisance things with the car. Any help provided would be appreciated:

- Cricket sound from AC.
This was my main reason for taking the car in, I've seen on the forum that it is due to the blower, will that be replaced free under the seven-year warranty?

- Driver door creaking like an old house when opening/closing.
Is this common? Do the hinges just need oiling?

- Rear left passenger seat creaking whilst driving as if rubbing, worse when people sitting on the seat.
Again, would this be something needing oiling?

- Gearknob twisting clockwise/anticlockwise.
Is there any way to tighten this up to stop the twisting?

- Parts above wheels coming away from each other.
I've attached photos below, is there any way to tighten these up, they seem to be pulling apart?


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