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Hi All,

I have a 2006 sedona, 2.9crdi(old Shape), when i get below 1/4 of a tank, i have problems statring the car, and then once the engine has warmed up, the amber'check' lightlights up on the dashboard display. After that is where the real problems start, the engine appears to pull back on itself, coughs, splutters, then dies.To rectify the problem temporarily,I lift the bonnet, pump the fuel bladder ( front left hand sideof the engine bay) which is generally enough to limp me to the nearest petrol station. Once there is sufficient fuel in the tank, the problem goes away.......until the next timei get low on fuel!!!!!!
I recently had a new high pressure fuel pump fitted to the car + the cam belts done, i didn't know whetherthis cuurent problemwas a knock-on effect from having that fitted.

Many thanks,

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