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Went into advanced settings on the sound system and turned on Quantum surround sound. Thought it worked well and left it on.
Did a 400 km trip that day and it never missed a beat. Started the car the next morning and no sound.Drove to where we were going and turned the car off.
When I restarted the car sound worked fine, so thought it must have been a computer glitch. Next day no sound again. Went on the American site and quite a few posts about sound loss
and it being caused by turning on quantum surround sound. Turned it off and everything has been working fine. Drove down to the dealers and spoke with the workshop foreman, who said he had not experienced that before.
I told him there were a lot of postings about it on the American forum. He checked my software and said it was the latest version and that there had been no TSB about the issue. He would notify Kia and also said the new software will come out in early June and he would do the update for me then. Anyone else had the same problem?
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