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I have recently purchased KIA Sorento. model 2005.
Overall it's a good car, but I have noticed two major issues that need an upgrade:
The car came with aluminum plating on the bottom of the car, to protect the car from damage.
1) The Ground Clearance is relatively low, and I want to lift the car.
2) The front shock absorbers are, in my opinion too soft, and the front of the car sways up and down easily and might hit the ground when driving off-road

I want to but a suspension lift kit (springs, suspensions and shock absorbers).
I have to retain the original tires.
Moreover Is is very important for me that This Will NOT limit the travel of the suspension stroke.

Which kit is the most suitable for this car? how much lift to the ground clearance will it give me?

Second, is there a rear differential lock for this car?

Thank you
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