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2018 sportage ISG4 1.6tdci
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Ive just noticed a small tear in the front passenger seat. It doesn't seem much, but would anyone recommend getting it repaired before it gets worse? If so, are independent upholsterers the way to go?? I've posted a picture. no idea how it happened. Also seem to be some tramlines in the seat as well. I think I'm being a bit precious to be honest :-(
Also what are the service intervals on the 1.6 diesel 138BHP. Its done 24500 miles, and last service was in March 2020 on 13600 miles. Its booked in for its first MOT in a couple of weeks, and the dealer said it was 10K or 12 months, but I was under the impression it was 20K.
Grille Mesh Grey Carbon Line
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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