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Greetings from Buckinghamshire,

Just taken delivery of a fantastic KX-3 and hoping for some help or advice on the following :

Front parking sensors: Mine only has two visible sensors but am I correct in thinking there is actually 4 with the outer ones hidden from view? Also, apart from the beeping should an alert show up in anyway on the dash or centre console ?

Next question: car is very quiet on the motorway but have noticed wind noise coming from the sunroof once the car hits 80. All looks well with the seal etc but has anyone else noticed this?

Removable tow bar: any recommendations that won't spoil the bodywork/bumper?

Iphone 4: how do you stream music via bluetooth? phone itself works fine and from glancing at the book it looks like you can bluetooth music but so far it only works with the cable.

Satnav live traffic: You have to pay for up to date info?

Service packs : worth having? I expect to do a lot of motorway mileage, maybe 25k miles per year so anyway to fix costs or save on servicing bills would be very welcome.

Apologies if answers already on the forum or in the handbooks but started a new job on Monday (same
day I got the car) and so far disappearing up my own backside with work!!

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