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HOT as in up to temperature not COLD...
Temperature gauges in some cars are labelled Cold, Normal, Hot and you hope to never see the needle at the Hot end, its fried by then.

As I have said Kia's can take up to 5 miles, especially in the colder weather. ( that is my experience over 4 Kia's) to get to "normal running temp" which in some of these cases the cars never do, or if they go further it is not long enough for the regen to complete.
Know that but be thankful you don't have a Ford diesel, ours used to take about 10 miles to get to normal and in winter you would freeze on your commute.

Our Ceed would complete a regen on the wifes 20 mile commute (just) provided it started as soon as the engine was up to normal.
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