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Hi Davy, welcome to the forum.

Car seats are particular bugbear of mine since a back injury in my twenties, so I feel your, er, pain. I couldn't have a car now that didn't have seats with adjustable lumbar support and heating! The Recaros in my Proceed are superb, easily the best I've had in any car, but even these can be uncomfortable after twenty minutes if it gets moved during service without me noticing. It only needs to be a tiny bit out, and aaaaggghhhh!

Sorry, I don''t know the Xceed; what sort of adjustment does the driver's have? Reading your comments, to me that seems like your shoulders are too far back and you're stretching to the wheel. I always find if I jump into a hire car I usually make the mistake of having the seat too far back and the back rest not vertical enough, may be you have the same. And in my Proceed the steering wheel is just about a low as it will go and as close to be as possible, which also helps with reach.

Hopefully someone with an Xceed will be along soon to offer more relevant advice. Problem is we are all different shapes, and there must be an infinite combination of back rest angle, seat height, seat position, steering wheel reach, steering wheel height, etc etc!
I don’t know what model OP has but my ‘4’ and, I believe First Edition, have ‘memory’ seats, if the garage etc moves the seat you can reset it to your position at the press of a button. Once set, never forgotten. I’ve never yet been uncomfortable at the end of a long drive.
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