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Hello guys. This is my first post on this forum. I have a Kia Venga 1.6 petrol, 2013 (63 plates), with an automatic transmission. I will have to do some maintenance work on the car in the summer. I will change the rear brake pads this weekend. In the summer I will have to replace the front disk and brake pads. I also need to change the engine oil, air filter, oil filter, pollen filter and the transmission fluid from the gearbox. I currently have 30 k on the clock and I am not sure what engine oil and transmission oil to use. I am having trouble finding those with the correct specification as indicated in the manual.
I am not sure if I should buy a manual fluid extractor for the transmission fluid. I was unable to find a comprehensive guide on YouTube on how to do those things at a Kia Venga. If you have a video or pictures on how to do those things it will be much appreciated for your help.
Please have a quick look at the attached pictures. You can also see how the automatic transmission fluid looks after 30k.
I assume that the Shell engine oil is okay to be used?! On the book, I have ACEA A3 and this C3 maybe A3 is the minimum standard.
With the automatic transmission fluid, I don't have a clue about what I should buy.
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hi Andrew
Welcome to the Forum
As you have seen in the owner handbook recommended engine oil is A3 SL or later.
The problem with "later" is that depending who you ask, some say C3 is fine and others say not. Most places like Eurcarparts will offer C3 as A3 is a bit harder to come by although can still be found.
If you get really technical and read the specs for the various grades(I'm sad and did), C3 is suitable as a "later" oil unless you are racing it or live somewhere really hot, which as you are UK and a Venga Auto is in no way a race car is unlikely.
If it helps , I use this:-
I've used Triple QX for years and never had issues. If you use Eurocarparts always Google for this weeks discount code. They always have a code running of some sort that normally gives between 25% and 45% off.

Regarding auto transmission oil change. I've never found a guide but if you look at the gearbox you'll see what is obviously a drain plug and if you feel so inclined the sump pan bolts if you feel you need to change the filter. Your picture suggests the oil is losing its cherry red colour so is getting ready for a change.
I'm doing mine this year when it gets warmer and I'll be using a pump to suck out and the refill with the same amount.
The grade for the auto oil is stated in the handbook as Diamond SP3 / SK SP3 so any you get needs to match that.
If it helps I used this as a top up when I get the car 3 years ago, as it was a little low:-
My gear changes are fine and it doesn't use any so I'm fairly sure it was the right stuff.
Do remember that you must measure what you take out and put back in as the level check should be made with the gearbox oil warm and the car running in neutral, which clearly isn't possible while you are draining and refilling and if you run it dry, it can cause issues with the hydraulic actuators or overfull can blow seals and cause expensive damage which can write the car off.

Regarding filters, I always use MANN, which aren't the cheapest but again I've never had issues with them so stick with what I know.
The MANN oil filter is a W811/80 but it can be a little awkward to get to if you have the engine undertrays attached so get the car high on ramps if you can. Or get a suitable filter removal cup.
The MANN air filter is is a C26014 and is a couple of clips on the filter box (ie: a doddle!)
The MANN pollen filter is a CU23010 and is behind the small book pocket in the glove box. Needs a fairly long cross head screwdriver to get to the screws. Remember to put the pollen filter in the right way for the airflow. It DOES matter.

I have changed to Pagid discs and pads on mine as I have always had good experience with them.

Anyway, hope my ramblings help and regarding fuel consumption in case you were wondering, they are hugely thirsty around town so sub 30mpg urban is common and in my case with really short journeys, I get 23mpg - 25mpg. this IS normal, as a dealer would say "they all do that Sir, its a feature".... :)
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