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Hi all

We're pleased to announce the release of the new Kia Connect app which replaces UVO Connect 2021. An all-new app was required due to the rebrand and it makes some improvements over the outgoing app. Please download Kia Connect:

View attachment 12007


Continue to use your existing login credentials if you already have a Kia Account.

Please delete UVO Connect 2021 before attempting to use Kia Connect because the old app may cause problems with functionality if it remains installed.

Do not lock the vehicle through the remote app door control while the FOB key is inside. Under certain circumstances, unlocking the vehicle door remotely may not be possible as long as the FOB key is inside.

Kia Customer Service
0333 202 2990

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As a update to this.
UVO Accounts are now being deactivated. UK users should be getting a email on this.
members report their UVO accounts disappearing.

They will have been sent emails / prompts at various stages so it should be a very small percentage of users affected.
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