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Don't think its a lack of interest in modifying more that people are now looking to the internet. My first car Vauxhall Corsa was covered in rip speed guff, then moved onto the Hyundai Coupe which like Kia aftermarket parts are hard to get hold of so I turned to the net and imported 90% of the bits from Korea. Evensome genuine replacement parts for the car where cheaper to import from Korea than buy at the dealer here.

My plan for the new car Kia Magentis is to do exactly the same. I've already been speaking to a seller on eBay who is Korea based and can supply more or less anything you want all be it the language barrier is a bit of a struggle but he also has what looks like a great selection on his ebay shop - Am going to purchase something cheap and see what the delivery times are like. From past experiance I would expect no more than 2 weeks but we'll see. The thing to remember is these cars have a bad stigma here in the UK and everyone thinks Kia / Hyundai is a cheap make thats going to fall apart hence aftermarket parts are near on impossible to get. There is Matt at Korean Car Styling and I have used him before for some Hyundai bits but I personally feel his prices are a bit high. OK the parts are second tonone and I suspose its just comes down to how much you want to spend.

Your idea of a road side aftermarket garage is a good one but it would be difficult to hold parts other than universal bits. I suspose you could offer a service for the likes of Korean cars to import parts directly. If you know someone that can speak or read korean then theres always Hyundai Mobis that stock all Hyundai andI would assumeKia parts.

Sorry to ramble on a bit there......

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