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Hi & Welcome.
Yes. You should have different icons on the dash display for sidelights & headlights.

I know the below is not your car display.
4= sidelights
1 left = Dip Beam
2 left = main beam
1 Right = Front Fog Light
2 Right = Rear Fog Light

to the right may be the other way round. Always best to check these by looking at lights, so you do not drive with either fog light on when not foggy (y)
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It is as @iooi describes, but it is in a different position on the dash, on the Sportage it is as the image below, which is from the Sportage Handbook, (Instrument Cluster, Section, 4 page 65 or 66 depending on your model). There is also a description of those lights and their function on section 4, page 110.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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