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Reverse camera no longer working so rang main dealer for price and availability, £460+vat and at least 2 week back order.
There's probably a few options to fit an alternative, but did a bit of research and found that Hyundai Tucson IX35 2011-2013 camera part No 95790-2S211 was a really good match, same wiring loom colours, exactly the same plug, the camera fits perfectly into original aperture, only had to swap the mounting bracket, and use the old one with a small alteration and drilling 2 new mounting holes in bracket to give a cracking fit, works perfectly.
The real bonus was these cameras are available on Amazon for £61.25 and can be delivered next day!
You can probably find them cheaper elsewhere, but I was so relieved to find a part available quickly.
Hope this info is of use to people in the same boat.
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