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Hi guys,

Alas, I have moved on from my 2016 Kia Sportage 2.0 crdi and have the tuning box I used for 3 months for sale.

It’s in perfect nick, fully boxed with installation instructions (although it’s plug and play and took me all of 5 minutes to connect).

Genuinely made a big difference to the drive of what is a big heavy car and under-powered at only 136BHP.

The box gave me a lot more torque in all gears but especially noticeable in low gears and a much smoother power curve and got rid of power dead spots.

And (if the on board computer is to be believed) i gained 8-10mpg typically.

All the details here:

You are looking at BHP going from 136 to 158 and torque from 373 to 407 Nm.

I paid £150 so happy to accept £75 – which is a steal for the noticeable gains to be had.

Thought about getting it re-programmed for my new car but the standard 170bhp is probably enough

Reply if interested.

I am based in Sheffield if you would prefer to pick up.

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