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So I have had problems with my KIA Soul 2011 1.6 CRDI Automatic for a few months now, and I cant take it to another garage due to the lock-down. (Taken to 2 garages already, each one has said that the gear box is in limp mode, but neither garage mechanics could diagnose or isolate the problem, both suggested to take it to a genuine KIA dealer garage)

Basically these are the symptoms I'm having

Speedometer doesn't work (including no mileage recordings either on trip a/b or even adding to car total mileage)
ESP (Electronic Stability Program) indicator remains ON.
Gearbox doesn't change gear, I think it has stuck in 2nd gear. ( I can change from Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive)
Going into Reverse gives a big CLUNK
Cannot enter Manual Gear override

That's it basically

Please help.

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Hi Mphotakos

Firstly, could you please PM us with the reg so we can log these issues for you. If it's essential for you to be on the road, there are some Kia dealers that may be able to inspect during this lockdown period. Please also supply your postcode.

Kia Customer Service
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