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Summary details for anyone looking for parts for this cars LED headlamp connectors, this is all information just gathered from the internet and the KUM catalog.

The Kia LED beam steering headlights on my 2019 Sorrento GT Line s use a KUM connector:

02506FLC14FA-B ASSY (this is the black outer shell of the female)

F/H 02506FLC14FA-GN (this is the green insert shield for the female shell)

It uses two terminal seal sizes: 025;06p and 060;08p.

I would guess that Kia call this KUM_XWP_14F or something but I can't confirm.

It appears on page 166 of the KUM catelog.

The terminal crimp for the smaller terminals are WP 025 series.

And the wire seal for the smaller terminals on this connector are:
W/S TWP-1.4S(BR) part no EU020-01050

These are quite hard to find genuine versions of in Europe, as they generally sold in bags of 1000 from KUM. Genuine seals have "KUM" microscopically printed on them. Alternatives but not "kum" can be found in Amazon, AliExpress as GL301-14021 but quality will be lower.

When repairing these connectors the internal green shield pops out easily, exposing the locking nubs of the crimp terminals - use the special tool (or the same sized sewing pin) to release them.

Then appropriately terminate the new seal and crimp onto the connector and reassemble.

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