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So car is booked in this Friday for the fuel system flush (at my cost), but weirdly over the weekend I found a stretch of road that the car doesn’t like.

It’s about a half a mile long stretch of road, 90% of it is downhill, it drops to a dip and back up a small hill with a roundabout at the end. If you get to 40mph prior to the start of the descent, in 4th gear and let the momentum of the hill take the car so you are "coasting" in gear without touching the accelerator, all the way down, the momentum takes up to the roundabout, into 2nd gear to start set off at the roundabout and it drops into limp mode.

I tested this 6 times on Sunday on this stretch of road and it did it 4 times out of 6. So it appears driving without actually pressing the accelerator could make the problem appear.

I went back to the Non Kia Mechanic and he stuck to his previous thought of the Fuel Pump
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