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Hi everyone

I am new to this and I require your help, please.

My 2005 manual dieselSorento, which I had from new and with 38900 miles on the clock, broke down in Spain on the5th January 2011 with gearbox problems while towing my caravan. Agearboxwhining noise was heard first and within five miles the car juddered and slid to a complete halt. The horrendous sound which came fromthe transmission/gearbox as the car juddered and slid to a halt I can only describe likedragging a large lump of steel under the car.A KIA dealer in Zaragoza, Spain, diagnosed a gearbox failure and fitted a brand new gearbox (transfer box was OK) at a cost of ‚¬5045 (£4200).

The car has beenregularly serviced by KIA garage(s), wasalways driven carefully, had never been off-roading,but is used to tow a caravan well within the manfacturers' guidelines. This is alsothe first and onlything to have gone wrongwith this car since I had it from new.

Has anyone else out there experienced a similar manual gearbox problem with the Sorento?Does anyone know if there isan inherent manufacturing or design fault with this type of gearbox? Has anyone been succesful in getting some kind ofredress from KIA? (The Sales of Goods Act 1979 springs to mind as the car is less than 6 years old).

On a footnote, I am returning back to the UK at the end of March and Iam bringing the faulty gearbox back home with me.

Any help and advice in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in anticipation,

Peter P.
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