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I have a 2004 Sorento great car love it , last week went to open the door and the fob was not working it would not open the central locking system . The key opens all doors allround.
One thing that is strange is when i put the key in the ignition the indicator lights both come on, i then push either the lock or unlock button on the fob and the lights go out , starts runs fine stop it and the indicator lights come back on.
Tried the batteries in the fobs all tested ok.
Took it to Kia what a wast of time 60 quid for nothing but a free so called check and the offer of a return visit at a cost of 60 quid plus, they tried to reset the fob no good but a signal is being sent from it but according to them it could be a wiring fault how long is a piece of string . Has anyone got any ideas or can you give me a clue of where to start to look.

Most would say use the key but I like it all to work as it should.
One more little problem while i am on just to get my monies worth the panel on the Triptronic has a set of lights in it a row on the right and a plus and minus on the left fine my minus bulb is not working , took it to bits the bulbs seem to be under a sealed panel . Question can i get access into the bulbs to replace them or have i got to buy a new brushed chrome cover plate.
Any ideas on either of my roblems.
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