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Hope you offer some help and advice.

I have Kia sportage 2006, it is currently in the garrage with two fuel injectors defunct. the repair work is coming to a cost of £1800.00. The Kia garrage are quoting two hundred per fuel injector, and are advising that I have all four replaced. they are also stating that due to kia policy that unless I also have new pipes fitted at a cost of £120.00 that the fuel injectors would be not be covered for a 12th month warranty. Is this true? I am also told that no other garrage could undertake the work as kia garrages only can decode and code the parts respectively .

I have had previous issues with this kia garrage, as i have had perforation (rust coming through) on the bonnet, after going through all the checks with the garrage ( and ceking the perforation warranty) they evetualy told me that the damage was not due to perforation and that it was therefore not covered. ( the rust is obvioulsy perforated related).

certainly not happy with the service and the related costs that I have been getting from Kia

grateful if anybody could advise or offer further guidnace
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