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Fusion white 2014 Proceed GT Tech
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Hi Subsicto, welcome to the forum.

I believe you can either hold the car on the foot-brake or engage the EPB and the gearbox will go into neutral. Not sure of the GT's spec, but you may have AutoHold as well, so provided you press the button when you set-off, you won't need to apply the EPB yourself; as soon as you come to rest it will engage automatically and release again when you press the accelerator. Some caution required with AutoHold, however.

There are quite a few videos on "...what not to do with a DCT...", etc. on YouTube. Hopefully an owner will be along soon to give you some first-hand advice. Notwithstanding that, I'd also recommend you get a proper talk-through by the dealer; from so many posts on here it appears they are quite happy to wave new owners off without a thought that they may not fully understand all the newfangled bits-and-bobs on their new cars.

And finally, enjoy your new motor!
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