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Kia Niro 3 PHEV (70-plate) Horizon Blue
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If you have & use Auto hold, the rear brake lights are on when it is engaged.

While my dealer would not get in the car to show me things. They were more than happy to answer any questions I had before I got in. Given it was in the middle of a lock down. I did not expect a unknown party to get in the car with me.

EPB on while stood will not destroy anything. In fact it will auto disengage when you set off, saving you from having to do it.
My Niro doesn't have the electronic parking brake so what I do, if I know the red light phase is a long one, is to put the gearbox into PARK (not neutral). This engages the transmission lock but with the clutches disengaged, holding the car securely. I watch the traffic and when I deem that "we" will be next to go I engage Drive with the car then held on the footbrake. Yes, I accept that the guy behind gets a facefull of red lights but it is only for a very short time. As the Niro doesn't have a genuine handbrake (has a foot-operated one...) it reduces the need to do a bit of tapdancing as the lights go red+amber!
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