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Examples of stuff I managed to fit in my Proceed:
  • Few sheets of 1.8x0.9m plasterboard, they fit nicely (driver seat in usual position)
  • Weekend camping gear with a tent, couple of sleeping bags, couple of large shopping bags full of camping stuff, large rucksack, large shopping bag full of firewood, blankets, clothes, boots etc.. We do not have kids but it feels like we would have no trouble handling that, there was some room left in the boot and plenty on the back seats of course (although taller adults may struggle with the roofline).
  • An entire disassembled 6x4 shed with larger panels cut into a couple of pieces, there was still some space under the roof. Guy at the skip was impressed.
  • A few 2.5m pieces of timber, going all the way from back to front at an angle and strapped tightly.
  • A mountain bike with front wheel removed.

I use middle trays to organise some of the 'daily carry' - first aid kit, boot lining blankets, windshield cover for the winter, de-icer etc. I like how these smaller items can be organised and kept out of sight until needed.
The rearmost bay is handy for larger items like a rucksack, shopping bag, or a case of beer to stop them from moving around, or to keep them upright.
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