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Hello everyone :)

This is my first post. I am in need of some advice about my 2012 Picanto Halo Automatic. Recently I have been having some weird noises, these noises don't happen all the time and seem to be at random times when I use my car. The sound itself is pretty hard to explain, it almost sounds like a bad bearing noise, not grinding but like a deep, loud, huming sound. It goes very loud and can last around 5 mins plus but then will just randomly go back to normal. When I get this sound my car feels horrible, it feels like its vibrating badly and feels like its coming directly from the middle of the car not from any of the wheels. I have also noticed that my car feels like it lacks power, this is all the time at the moment (not just when it does the sound), even though the car has a small engine I still feel like it used to be quicker than what it is now, and when I go to put my foot down there is nothing there power wise. Sometimes it feels like the gears are slipping as well. I have noticed my MPG has gone down also?

When the noise started I took my car in to get new brakes, as on the MOT a few months ago it stated that the back breaks had been worn down, but it was only an advisory. Got the car back and its still randomly making this noise. After putting my car symptoms online it has come up with gearbox, I have no knowledge in cars and due to working all day and in the middle of nowhere its hard to leave my car at a garage. Has anyone else experienced this? or have any advice on what it could be?

The cars always been serviced from day 1, has only had 2 owenrs and has done about 57k on the clock. In the time that I have had it, nearly 5 years I have but 30k on it so it hasn't been trashed!

Any advice greatly appreciated :)
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