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Hi all, I have had a very good search on the forum but cannot find a single thing relating to my car/problem.
I fused the cabin lights installing a new bulb in the boot, no worries, just a fuse. EXCEPT, I replaced the fuse and cabin lights are all fine but somehow, my central locking and folding door mirrors are now dead, I have replaced the 20amp central locking fuse but nothing, also cannot find any mention of folding mirrors in the lost of fuses, this car is new (to me) so I am a bit clueless, its 20 years since I drove anything other than a van. I KNOW there is a fuse for the folding mirrors but I cannot find it, but why wont the central locking work regardless of the new fuse?? Any help appreciated. Cheers Craig

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It could have taken out the relay.
Note there are 2 fuse boxes. One in the engine bay & one under the dash.

Was the 20A central locking fuse blown?

Have to wonder if shorting the boot bulb has done something to a ecu?

Maybe try disconnecting battery for 30 mins and then reconnect and see if that helps.
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