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Happy New Year, guys! We have 2020 Kia Mohave with us, so i just wanted to give you a side by side comparison review between Kia Mohave and Hyundai Palisade. There’s already night drive for Kia Mohave, so just design comparison this time. So, let’s do find out which is the King of SUVs from Korea.

#KiaMohave #HyundaiPalisade #KingofSUVs

Kia Mohave Master A.K.A Kia Borrego

3.0L Diesel
260hp | 413lb.ft
Rear-bias 4WD System
8 Speed Automatic

Hyundai Palisade

-3.8L Gasoline: [email protected],000 | [email protected],200
-8 Speed Automatic | AWD
-245/50R20 | 245/50R20
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