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Afternoon all thought id add this to the forums to see if you might be able to help me with a problem i have with my Kia Clarus.

Ok so heres the thing when i try and start the car i found i get nothing just lights on the dash now this is an automatic so I'm thinking it may be something to do with the safety switch or censor in the box that stops you starting the car when in D or in gear but eventually it does start if i move the gear lever up and down through the gears then it does eventually start but it is a pain, its only just started doing this any ideas guys???

Next thing is when i brake the parking light comes on not the P but the main hand break light comes on and an alarm like a bell sounds this only last for a few breaking moments after Ive driven the car may be for about 2 or3 minuets, then as the car gets a little warmer after about 20 minuets when you break thelight doesn't come on and the alarm doesn't sound any ideas again guys, myself if I'm honest i know little or nothing about car but i know you guys will.

Its a funny one this one guys, thought id post here to see weather any of you have come across the same problem, any help would be much appreciated guys
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