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Just collected a pre registered Kia Ceed 1.4 S from EMG Cambridge.
The car was registered in Sept 2008 and has done 4400 miles.

There was only 5 litres of fuel in the car so stopped on the way home to fill up.

My wife will be the main driver so she drove the car from the dealer and reported when she stopped to fill the car with petrol that there was a vibration that drummed through the car at idle. I drove the car to our house and had to agree that there was a problem. I also thought that the car was increasing the revsbetween depressing the clutch and selecting a higher gear but the traffic on the way home made it difficult to check. Will try the car again tomorrow and see if this is the case.

Any help with this would be appreciated - telephoned and emailed the dealer/salesman but no response yet.

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