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After reading lot of reviews about KIA Cee'd SW and making the test drive I am very interested in that car and think that going to buy it soon.

However, my wish was to buy a car with automatic gearbox, but the dealer is not able to supply any test cars with automatic transmission so I can't try this out before buying (and waiting 2 months). I made a test drive with manual transmission (which was OK), but if I want to try the automatic one, the only option is to buy a car.

I have tried to find any comments about the performance of automatic transmission of KIA Ceed from Internet, but it seems that most of the reviews cover only manual gearbox.

In case anyone of you has KIA Ceed with automatic gearbox, please talk about your impressions in few words. Is it convenient to use and works smoothly? As it is 4-gear-only, isn't it too loudy? Would you preder manual gearbox instead?
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