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Hi guys

I work on behalf of KIA and I thought you'd be interested in hearing about how
the next-gen Kia Sorento will be taking on some fuel-sipping competitors this
week in the 2009 Global Green Challenge which kicked off in Darwin.

Kia Motors Australia has mounted a two-car Sorento CRDi
entry in the Eco Challenge category of the Global Green Challenge, to be run
over more than 3,000kms through the outback from Darwin to Adelaide from 24-31

The cars, Sorento #1 will be
driven by Geoff Forshaw and Brendan Reeves, while Sorento #2 will be driven by
Glen Raymond and Anthony Caldwell.

The two new Kia Sorento SUVs are powered by Kia's
all-new, high-tech R-series turbo diesel engine which punches out 145kW of
power and an astounding 422Nm of maximum torque (436Nm with automatic
transmission) from just 2.2 litres, with combined CO<sub>2</sub> emissions of
just 177g/km.

This ultra-modern diesel engine will be teamed in the
Challenge cars with a smooth, 6-speed manual transmission that will take full
advantage of the engine's mountain of torque throughout the seven-day event.

To follow the action visit: and follow us
on twitter:<wbr>


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