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Hey guys

I've had a 2016 Picanto TA 1.25 for a whopping 5 years and what nice little shopping cart it is!

This thing has hauled me to Uni and work almost every day, helping me keep up with my day to day.

This is how it looked when it was new:


I picked silver cause it visibly doesn't get dirty.
It was really boring looking but that's what you get out of the shop for no trim and all engine !!
It's really lively, 3500-3600 ish rpm is when the VVT pops open the gates to hades and lets you bully the other small 3 cylinder city cars all the way up to 6000 rpm.
0-100 varies depending on the tires used. I got it down to a little under 11 with bigger wheels and skillful shifting.

Stickers and nice wheels makes for a better looking car always.
Absolutely unnecessary, unless you have steel wheels, in which case, you reduce rotational mass and have a "lighter" feeling car, that changes direction and accelerates faster :)

Have used ceramic coating on the engine to reduce friction and temperature, it runs at a steady 86-87c
I've never taken it to the service. Did all oil changes at a DIY shop every 10-12k km. 6 in total.

All round brake disc and pad changed at 45k km
6 winters driving in heavy salted roads has deteriorated the brake caliper seals and pistons to the point where they need a change Coming this summer.

Where I live in Denmark, it's windy AF all the time, so this light car gets blown all over the place on the highway. My solution was a little lip spoiler in the back, it gives the effect of a fat man sitting in the middle of the back seat when you get past 100, it plants the rear well and decreases turbulence in the back. The car feels way more solid with it.

It has lost a bit of power lately because im about 20 months a bit too late with the spark plug change, so I have trouble getting it past 170km/h

Double iridium bosch is my choice of replacement, waiting on salary :)

Quick tire tip:
165/60 r14 - drives rough, lowered CG, corners fast, revs trough 2nd and 3rd like a Ferrari, top speed drops

165/65 r14 - what u get from the shop (also the stock tires were, noisy, plastic, low grip pc of sh*t (I enjoyed burning them out)

165/70 r14 - "doesn't offcialy fit" but It does, Doesn't rub, rides comfortable, slow steering response, higher CG, more pressure on the steering bushings, higher top speed
pss I managed to test fit a 175/65r14 in the back on a 0 offset rim,

I would not put 15s on this car... its gonna have a harder time spinning the extra mass

Future things I want to do is replace the bushings with polyurethane ones, but that's long ways from now :D

here's a youtube video if you donno how to change the oil
Here's some pics :p
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