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Hi, Just put a £100 deposit on one of the Sedona's i mentioned in a previous post. Was stuck in Ballymena Saturday afternoon traffic as part of the test drive had loads of stop, start, 5 yards at a time malarky plus a bit of motorway and all seems good.

All the toys work, DVD, leccy doors, aircon, etc.

Usually at the very least i change the oil on a new car(as in new to me) I am thinking, oil + fuel filter + air filter all done myself unless anyone knows of any great deals i should be availing of.

There were a couple of clunks from the suspension on the test drive...sound very like the noise my golf makes when the bushes are gone so thinking possibly do them aswell?

Looked at the heater pipes...while a smidge rusty no obvious holes or anything so will be scrubbed primer and painted with some protector soon.

Dealer was pleased he learned more than he expected while i inspected every millimetre of his Sedona. Thanks again chaps, hopefully i have a sturdy bus for the family thanks to reading the guidance available on this forum.

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