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A good morning to you all, and an opportunity to introduce myself briefly and my vehicle.
I have worked within the Automotive industry for a number of years in variable roles and departments within dealerships and retail driven areas. I was working at a now closed down Kia dealership near Brighton, and experienced a mixture of both pleasure and regret within all roles conducted. I am now working within a vehicle preparation site for one of the major on line vehicle sales often advertised on media of all types. I am Class 4 & 7 MOT tester, and Certified Auto Engineer.
Having owned a variety of cars over the years, some unusual and some quite normal, I have now got to a stage where I spend less time on my own vehicle becuse I spend so much time working on cars during 12 hour shifts 4 days on and 4 days off, I feel less inclined to work on cars when on my rest days. My vehicle now is a Kia Ceed VR7. I paid a good price for a great car in really surprisingly good condition based on mileage and age. Talking of age, I feel quite old now for many reasons, and in the past my vehicles have been quite good performers and relatively luxurious, with risks of needing quite a level of looking after mechanically to retain the performance and luxury ! The time has now come to buy a turn key car that will provide a steady reliable transport machine, and now reduced to a steady driving approach !
The Kia is a 2011 1.4 manual 5 door in black, it has a good level of toys and has impressed me, I took ownership just over 2 months ago and look forward to many enjoyable miles with it.
I do have a number of questions to put forward, and will aim these into the appropriate areas on this forum in due course in the hope that the membership community may provide some helpful information for me to use, and that I may be in a position to assist by offering my knowledge and experience for helping others.
Finally, thanks to the club admin for accepting me into this club.
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