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Just a post for info.

Had a problem about a year ago, Sedona would not crank, turn ignition nothing. Would start working again randomly, re-occur again with a few days.

Ruled out immobiliser and battery problems. Convinced myself it was the clutch switch (starter motor is disabled until the clutch is depressed), as every time I fiddled around that area it would start working again.

Replaced the clutch switch, problem came back after a days. Managed to get the wiring diagrams and found that the alarm/immobiliser has the ability to disable the starter motor. Found a service bulletin related to a problem with the central electrical box - a relay in it fails and does not make contact properly. This was why the fiddling in that general area (and kicking it!), often fixed the problem - it caused the relay contacts to close properly.

My car was out of warranty and the quoted cost was £800 to replace.

In frustration I took the central electric box out (otherwise know as the fusebox). I took it apart and there was a small white relay on the PCB, which I traced back to the starter inhibit line. I bridged the trace under the relay with some heavy duty wire and solder, to allow starter motor operation all the time.

Has been working without problem since !

If anyone believes they have the same problem, PM and I will try and be more specific on what you need to do.
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