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We purchased our second Kia Sorento 2009 plate 15K on clock in August 2010 having been so pleased with our previous 05 plate. After 4 months we had several problems with the same fuse blowing cutting out all heating within the car, not great given the weather then!
In Feb 2011 we had problems starting the engine intermittently. Dealership diagnosed problem with "the coil surrounding ingnition lock" ( sorry not technical but this was how it had been explained to me!). Problem fixed with new product.Problems again in June with starting engine - Fault dianosed with immobiler switch to clutch peddle. Problem fixed with new product
Problems again in July - intermittent fault on starting - fault diagnosed with both key chips failing to be recognised. Problem fixed with new product.
Since then it has failed again 3 times in 3 weeks - Dealership couldn't find fault initially but now say its the CPU? After being in the dealership workshop for over a week I am still awaiting Kia to confirm whether they have the correct fault and will sign off the repair!
Am I just really unlucky or have I been sold a complete pup!! Comments gratefully received as have lost all faith in Kia and the dealer.

Not a happy Kia Owner!!
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