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...a 51 plate ( reg'd 21/11/01) 2.9 CRDI SE model in reby red, grey full leather trim.
>Originalowner company director took it to 89k milesby 2005.

>bought be me on July 05 , fitted roof mounted 7" screen and 5" screen dash mounted divx dvd player.

>used as family runabout and caravan towcar for several trips to France , approx annual mileage 10K p/a . Current miles ~140K

>had just about EVERY conceivable thing fixed that you will ever see on this forum, such as:-

- New fuel pump/injectors ( nearly £3k to sort last xmas )

- Gearbox recon'd

- Every engine anciliary ( steering/water/a-c/fuel pump / alternator ) replaced incl pulleys/belts

- Brakes/discs/shoes /handbrake / gearlevel linkage cables

- new a-c condensor/a-c pipes / rear water pipes

>FSH and bills to prove all above.

>Only damage to report are a couple of bumper scuff repairs over the years.

Only negs to reports are :-

- Wing mirror paint laquer peeling

- Bumper scuff in front n/s

- little bit of bubbling paint on rear o/s arch

- alloy wheel centre cap missing on n/s rear

- steering wheel slightly cocked off-centre and leather frayed on it.

Conclusion : A car which I have had faith in an it did a good job towing my caravan. But it did cost me an absolute fortune to fix over the years. Since its worse spell over xmas ( fuel system & gear linkage cables ) it has run PERFECT for 8 months and not missed a beat.

I have no doubt there are many cheap Sedona's on ebay/autotrader which will be selling because they are nursing many of the above problems which I have got fixed. My local garage joke that I should get invited to their xmas doo because of how much time this car has spent there, but seriously they advise me I should now just keep hold of it and run it into the ground.

........on a personal front, I am due a bonus payment from work in September which will enable me to upgrade to a newer car. So this legend of a Sedona will prove to be a bargain for somebody whether they appreciate it or not.

PM me if you know anybody who might be intersted.


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Getting another Kia Ebod?

Well if you want to keep that invitation to your garage's Christmas party -------- !

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We got our Kia cheap as some of you know ! So far I have replaced a track rod end, the front to rear heater pipes and now the front discs. It has covered a 156k and tbh I love the car and would buy another one. You get good and bad in all makes of cars I think what I have replaced is just every day maintanance.
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