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Hey I just picked up a 2004 kia rio with an immobilizer issue. I think I narrowed it down to it either being a key issue or transponder reading ring issue, but I would like others opinions to have this confirmed before ordering either a new key or ring as I'm trying to fix this as cheap as possible.

I had to take the fob out of the key and tape it to the ring at a certain angle (as pictured) then I can get the car to start in limp mode using the chassis # as the password, however this is method of starting the car is far too inconvenient to live with. The IMMO wont recognize the fob if it's sitting at any other angle. (Edit) the same thing happens with the green key in a certain position taped to the ring, only runs in limp mode

The ring shows 0.8 ohms resistance on the multimeter also, I'm unsure if this sounds correct.

What's your thoughts?

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