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Now then,

Finally got my delivery date for my new Rio 1.4CRDI 5DR in Graphite, Its coming Next WednesdayBetween9 and 12, so thought it was about time to join the forum(s).

Buying the Kia for the warranty andreliabilityso fingers crossed wont be on here at all for advice on fixing stuff!

Swapping my Audi A4 for the Rio on a company scheme so will be looking forsomethinga little interesting "for the wife" to run about in, expecting that will be generating far more forum time than the kia. Thinking Mk3 GTI 16v 3dr, but will have to see what E-bay has to offer.

Anyway's, Hello, If by any chance anyone wants any advice on Hyundai Coupe's (gen1/3), Audi A4's B5/6, Golf Mk2/3's, Toyota Aygos, Biodiesel/cars that run on Straight Veg oil, fire away, i have been pretty active on all of the relevant forums over the last few years.

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