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Well I'm coming over here after being on the International
KIA Forums site for years and searching for posts on crankshaft pulley bolt

I've owned a fair number of Hyundai cars in my time, as well as a
couple of KIAs and have been very impressed with the improvement of the brands
over time. They really are cars to desire nowadays, especially compared to the
early days.

The Picanto was a little car that surpassed all
expectations, sure it's a cheap little car but it punches well above its

What I've not been impressed with, unfortunately, is KIA,
particularly after suffering from crankshaft pulley bolt failure.

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our picanto has same are offering to pay for parts,but if this is a common problem.they should have advised to have it corrected before it caused you know of others with same failure.

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The problem appears to be that even KIA don't know as much
as the customer in this instance.

I asked about the recall (campaign) back in 2008 with the supplying dealer and
they knew nothing about it - another local dealer said the same thing.

KIA and the dealers finally advised that our car was not affected by the
problem as it did not fall within a range of chassis number that they said were
affected (normally only 2004 models). People all over the world have been
affected by this problem ranging from 2004 to 2009 models - when it was finally
diagnosed that ours had crankshaft pulley bolt failure it was too late just to
do the simple change to a modified bolt and now the whole bottom end of the
engine needs to be rebuilt.

The problem starts off as a minor detail - and can ultimately lead to
catastrophic engine failure.

KIA now admit that the problem is not limited to a range of chassis numbers
- something customers knew from the begging.

If you have any idling problems, a lack of power going up hill or a slightly
different engine note - this could all be crankshaft pulley bolt failure. The
dealer will probably diagnose this as bad spark plugs, spark plug leads or a
faulty ECU.....

I'd advise contacting your dealer to confirm the situation if in doubt as KIA
clearly did not convey the correct information to the dealers at all.

Luckily the KIA Master Tech at our local dealer knew all about it (only after I
demanded they check the crankshaft pulley bolt) but had not seen the problem
himself - but they are only a new convert to KIA and don't have a long history.

Everybody else, including KIA, assured me that there was no problem with our
car....<!--if gte vml 1>


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