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the cup/bottle holder from the rear of the center console on my 56 plate Sportage? (withour breaking any clips etc)
I've dropped one of the alloy wheel lock nuts through the rubber seal under the handbrake and it's rolling and rattling about while I drive along. It's getting on my nerves now.................

I tried removing the ashtray above the cup/bottle holder but that didn't allow any access unfortunately. Thanks for any info/piccys.

Just a general comment about the car, as mentioned a 56 plate 138bhp XS. bought it in 07, 9mths old with 8k on the clock. Now done 64K. Love it to bits. 2nd set of tyres (yes only the 2nd set) 2nd set of brake discs and had to get a valve in the fuel system replaced (an AGR Valve was it?) for just under £300. Fisken's in Forfar ismy local dealer and no complaints about them.

Travelled from Lands End to John O'Groats last year and loved every minute of it.

No complaints (touch wood)
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