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Having had the family car pranged last week andwritten off, my hubby (and official driver) are now looking for an inexpensive big family (we've 4 kids) car. We had a Mitsubishi Delica which whilst it can't be faulted for comfort and space, is a real 'gas guzzler' and a nightmare to find parking for when we're out'n'about.Highrise carparks are a complete non-starter and as for the cost of diesel...

As it is we saw a Sedona today and we were impressed by the seating - captains seats in the middle (just like the Delica) and realistic leg room - some cars are worse than budget airliners and with a teen heading for 6 footand 3 younger children hot on his heals, we need space!

We need a car that can transport our tribe in fair comfort and pull oursmall caravan or trailer too. I'd appreciate any advice (positive or negative) as we can't afford to make an expensive mistake.

Thanks for reading

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