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I have this very annoying hesitation when I gently accelerate and it occurs between 2000/2500 rpm.
Strangely enough if it occurs and I switch the engine of wait a minute or so and then start the engine again it’s gone?

things that I already did to try solve this issue are.
Intake valve cleanup with tunap walnut blasting.(I’ll post some pics of that)
Fluid Automotive tire Rim Gas Circle

Liquid Tints and shades Astronomical object Circle Monochrome photography

Changed spark plugs
Changed map sensor from 2G000 to 88440

When I replaced the sensor I did reset the ECU by unplugging the battery completely for about 15 minutes.
Also no fault codes to be found.
The only thing I could imagine now is that it’s simply because of the shitty stock tune from Kia/Hyundai.

Any tips are welcome.
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